Theseus and Ariadne: The Breakup Part 2

“Sire, are you sure we should set sail? Princess Ariadne is not yet aboard!”
“Yes captain, sail now! I only promised her that I would take her to be admired! There! She is admired! Now let’s go!”
“Yes, sir..”

I stood stonily at the rail, Theseus strode quickly behind me to slam the door to his cabin closed. We all knew Ariadne was madly in love with him. We also knew she loved to drink.

But there was something I knew, that no one else did. Even she didn’t remember the night she took me into her quarters and kissed me sloppily. I gulped. What if Theseus knows?

“You there!” I jumped, nearly throwing myself overboard. I turned, trying to control my quaking. “Fetch me some ale!” I nodded, too tongue tied to respond. Looking at my feet, I ran to the ship’s belly. Returning with ale, I knocked at his door, willing my knees to hold me up.

“I don’t understand! I thought she made a fine prize!” the first mate tried to make sense of Theseus’ actions.
“She was a trollop, and the servant be hanged if I catch him!”

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