Herb Tulliver: Voodoo

“Madame, legends tell of your great power. Most don’t believe, but I do. I wouldn’t have come this far if I didn’t.” Herb figured a bit of flattery, compounded with his offering would win the witch over. “I bring you a feast.”

Intrigued, and silent, the witch slid around to face him. She beckoned at the pack slung over his shoulder. He slowly placed it on the ground before her and backed away, arms wide out. She poked it with her walking stick, then opened it.

“What manner of food is this?!” she hissed.

“Those packages are dehydrated, you just add fresh water. It’s sort of a magic all its own. If I may..”

Slowly Herb used his water bottle to create a meal for her. He offered it to her. One taste, and she was his best friend. He waited for her to finish.

“You need a spell?”

“I need a voodoo doll. Here is a package of the lady’s hair.” He handed her a film canister, opening it for her. It had been easy to get the hairs right before the arson.

They were gray. The witch’s eyes narrowed.

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