Lab Partners

Mrs. Ziebar assigned lab partners by passing out cards. You had to find the person with the same number. I got the 2 of hearts. He had the 2 of clubs. In retrospect, how fitting.

I knew nothing about him, but he looked like he could care less about chemistry. He slouched in his chair, not getting up to find a lab partner but waiting for one to come to him. He was too suave to be eager. Bad boys who thought they were the best gift ever to womankind could flatter me, but I’d never fall in love with one.

So I thought.

His eyes would smolder as I explained the equations to him. I pretended not to notice. He preferred to ask me intellectual questions, either to test me, or to taunt me, I wasn’t really sure. I did know that my often sarcastic answers were flirting. He never studied, but one day I spied an A on his test. He hid it.

I think he smokes in his car on school property during 3rd period. He’s clearly not my type!

Then why does it hurt me to witness his very public casual petting of other girls?

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