Ultimatum and Motivation

“Look this is important! Important as anything we’ve ever done together. You’ve always said you wanted to go back to your old life. Here’s your chance. Do it while you still can.” John smiled, eyes full of unspoken regret.

“I just don’t know what to do. Give me a problem and a time limit, and I can solve damn near anything. This? There’s just too many angles- too many ways for this to go wrong.” Alexander shook his head in frustration.

John’s face hardened. “Tell you what. You have three hours to figure out what you need to do, or I call him for you.”


“I’m serious. Figure this out or I’ll figure it out for you. In fact, I’ll tell him you’re a terrorist.”

“That’s not fair. We worked for the government.”

“We’ve worked for many governments, which one are you talking about right now?”

“You know damn well which one I’m talking about.”

“Two hours fifty-eight minutes…”

“You bastard. I’ll get you back for this.”

“You keep talking, but all I hear is seconds draining away. Remember- results count!”

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