Blood from Steam

He slowly shifted through the sea of clutter covering the floor. He stepped on a shard of broken glass and his foot begins to bleed. The door knob felt hot and hurts his hand. He picked up a spent shirt from the floor and used it to open the door.

He was instantly drenched as water shot out of the door. The shower head was on the ground and angled upwards, but still spurting water high into the air. He breathed a sigh of relief. He had expected the worst, that he had got so hammered last night and had cheated on Kate. He stepped in towards the shower. The door was shut and the shower head’s water tube was at full extension and went over the top of the door. The shower had caused the outside of the shower door to mist up, and he had trouble gripping the handle.

He managed to get a grip. He pulled the door open. He shrieked. He had jumped aside as a woman’s limp, lifeless body fell out of the shower and hit the floor.

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