Tylar is born (No, this is not just 'Sylar' with a 'T')

I first discovered the gift a few weeks back. Back then, I was a nobody. An investment banker, with a hefty bank account. I didn’t notice the man when I came out of the bank and went to the ATM, but he came up behind me as I queued. I’d only gone to check that my pay had gone through, but things got bad quickly.

“Get it out, banker boy!” He started yelling, “Get it all out of your account or I’ll kill you!”

Everyone in the queue started screaming. Not me. I was too scared even to scream. I didn’t see a gun or a knife but I’d heard about these new mind killers, and when he started dropping the fleeing civilians with his mind, I began to back towards the ATM.

“Just get it out or I’ll kill more people!” He yells as he ends a young girl’s life. She wasn’t yet eight, here with her mother who begins to sob for the few seconds before her own life ends.

I wish he was dead! I practically scream inside my head, I earned this cash and he should die for trying to take it!

Iopened my eyes and my wish was granted.

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