The Creator

Jansen awoke with a start! “What a bizzare dream” he thought.

This dream was no ordinary dream; actually this was no dream at all! For what Jansen doesn’t know is that he is taking part in my master experiment.Who am I you may ask? Well you can just call me the Creator.You see I am a scientist of the mind! I like to probe my experiments and insert images, and feelings to see what kind of result will insue.

This particular experiment I made Jansen unknowingly perform a task that normally he could not have accomplished, but with my help anything is possible. Now in this “dream” Jansen saw himself walking down a blank corridor with nothing even etched on the walls. He came to the end of his path and met a wall. A wall with no door, no ladder, no exit. The only way out is above him. 100 feet above him to be exact.

He realizes the corridor is getting narrower! The walls are moving attempting to crush him he has to act fast! Most of you are wondering what happens to poor Jansen.

Well that’s another dream…

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