The Adventures of the Thief

(MLcont.) I found to my liking that running on telephone wires is a much more efficent way to travel in a crowded city.The best part is that people are so busy doing what they are doing that they don’t even notice someone is above them.Although twice I had to jump onto a building to hide because someone pointed; one of the times the girl with the blonde hair turned around to investigate too.

We were now out of the city and I abadoned my tight wire run and followed her on the ground. “I must talk to her,” I thought to myself. So I waited until the right moment, and to my luck she dropped something!

“Umm excuse me Miss you dropped your paper,” I said running up beside her. She was even more beautiful from the front! My heart skipped a beat as i gazed into to her deep blue eyes.

“Oh thanks wouldn’t want to lose this,”she said blushing.

I have never been more flustered in my life, but something inside me forced me to say “Your welcome; umm would you like me to escort you home?”

She smiled “I would love it.”

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