D Lovely

He watched Donnie, his lithe form shifting with the talking he did with his hands as he punctuated his points with hysterical little air-diagrams in Kevin’s face. He was trying so hard to be the responsible mate and keep a straight face, but Donnie never made it easy.

“…so…hell is like the gayest place on earth?” Donnie questioned and a stifled snort escaped him. He was watching this all unfold from their reflections in the sliding glass door leading outside. Donnie’s back was to him, oblivious to his eyes roaming over his well formed figure. They’d been together for two years, and no one else at this party was offended. Just Kevin. Always Kevin.

It was getting heated, like it did with every other religious zealot, and their voices became more embittered. Donnie would egg him on, but it was a futile argument.

He wrapped arms around his Donnie in a hug from behind, feeling the tension in him relax immediately.

“What’s all the commotion, D?” He grinned calmly, evoking the same from his lover.

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