Guide To The Spirit World, Check

“You’r time ees up,” called the woman in silks and scarves in rainbow colors.

I stood and stretched, my neck and back popping. She had said this was to be the last time I could look in her mirror, but I knew I had to come back, no matter what the cost.

The heavy curtains cascaded in place behind me and I paused. “Is there any way to make it clearer, to make sure the message got across?”

“Ees too complicated, thee speerit vorld, to cross thee eether und reach humans. Dey cannot come close. Ees like force field, yah?”

“Is there a way I can get closer to them?”

The woman frowned at me, considering my plea, sizing me up, weighing the possibility of more coin. “Dere ees vun vay, but ees very dangerous.”

“It’s just that, I can’t go on without knowing the past is all forgiven, that things are all alright. There’s too much damage. I did so many wrong things..”

“Ack, you lie! Vat ees eet you really vant? Ees much too strong request for just forgiveness.”

I sighed.
Hook, line, sinker. Time for Phase Two.

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