Mr. Right: A Dream?

Amber sat in front of a small stack of prom magazines at our lunch table. She went on and on about how Steven had asked her and I needed a date and dress because I could NOT miss my senior prom.

“I’ll just go stag. I can still dance, and who knows, maybe Mr. Right will sweep me off my feet!” I mocked.

“I’ll find you a date! What do you like, tall dark and handsome? Fair and slight? Fire-y red-heads with a flair for drama?”

I laughed at her, then got serious. “Know what Amber?” I paused for dramatic effect.

“What?” She looked eager to hear my choice so she could shop for a date for me.

“I want someone who thinks the sun revolves around me. Can you find a guy so into me, that his attentions will flatter me, make me feel special for once?”

“Whoa. Chill out! I mean, I know what it’s like to Want so much, but girl, you need to relax!”

I took a chomp out of my sandwich, my eyes wandering to his table. I spied him quickly averting his eyes. My heart skipped a beat. Had he been looking at me?! Surely not.

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