Corrective Action

“David, your work is inexcusably sloppy even after I’ve warned you multiple times that it needs to improve. I’m really quite disappointed. You showed so much promise when you were hired, but you consistently let me down.”

David stared Linda down defiantly. “There’s nothing wrong with my performance and you know it. The problem is that management keeps changing the metrics.” The sweat pooling on his upper lip betrayed his false bravado.

“You won’t save yourself from corrective action simply by assigning blame elsewhere David. Is that really all you have to say for yourself? Again, I can’t sufficiently express how disappointed I am.”

“Go fuck yourself Linda.”

“You’re out of line. But fine. Looks like disciplinary measures are called for. Understand though David that you’ve brought this on yourself.” Linda reached into her attaché.

David barely suppressed a smile and felt his scrotum tighten as she removed the ballgag, riding crop, and glass dildo.

“Fuck myself David? I think I’ll do just that.”

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