A Tattoo of Pain

Orbiting a Class K supergiant, my old tech, it’s now since been updated, as Man has changed and learned much during his time in the void, where were we, oh, yes, my old tech, silvery and cumbersome, ruptured. I died of instantaneous decompression.

It became one of the worst times of my life. I saw much, suffered more, and became entirely changed. The gulf of space is nothing in the flood of Time. Episodic, flashing between the clarity of rebirth, and the single instant of the senses flooded with information before the disembodiment of death.

I strobed across the sea of stars, disintegrating within the hearts of suns, suffocating in the gaseous reaches of jovian planets, was crushed in the mantle of unstable moons, and decompressed in a multitude of unthinkable vistas. Oh, the sights I saw! Each a fragile moment, gone away too quick to be replaced by another.

Time is a torrent and I was lost within until I fell into a terraformed planet. My children had spread through the cosmos in a dream of themselves.

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