Slipping Away

The nurse led him into the garden room and he walked to where his wife sat drawing. He peered over her shoulder. Another horse. A wave of sadness filled his heart. She had been obsessed with them since the accident.
“Hello, Rene.” He choked back the tears as he greeted her.
She continued to draw, without acknowledging him.
“Rene, can you please look at me?” He gently demanded.
She put down her pencil and looked up at him. His breath caught in his chest as he took in her perfect, delicate face and her large blue-green eyes. Those eyes haunted him and at the same time gave his life meaning.
The tears came as he kneeled by her side and stroked her face. “Baby, I love you. I miss you so much.”
A flash of recognition and emotion filled her eyes, it lasted for just one second but it was long enough for him to know that she was still in there, somewhere. “Rene?” He whispered, a plea.
She stared at him, disinterested. “Can I go back to drawing?”
All he could do was nod and silently weep as she picked up her pencil.

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