Passed Down Through Generations

“Why do we hate the pigs?” Noble chirped innocently.

Smiling to himself, Father of Many Eggs knew that Noble would soon be eager to war against their vile cloven-hoofed enemies. He coughed once to clear his throat and began to sing the Legend of Pink Menace.

“We, that is the birds, once lived on the lands that the filthy pigs now sit on. It was a beautiful paradise, full of trees that had branches for fruit, shade, and many just for sitting.” Father of Many Eggs’ eyes filled with longing. “The One Tree, the biggest tree in the world sat in the middle, and birds from all over came to share in her wealth. It was a time of wonder. That was before the pigs came. They ruined it all. Uprooting the trees for their precious buildings, they kicked out our people and forced us to live as vagrants and scavengers. Even the sacred One Tree fell to their wickedness. That day, paradise died. Now, all that we have to hold on to is our anger. Perhaps through you, if you are angry enough, one day we will have our land back.”

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