Poor Little Fool

he’s got a scar on his forehead where his halo fell down
and the moon shines down on this hollow town
but I can’t see a thing

eyes like a confessional, words that sting like bees
I’ve told you things I never even dared to speak
the only place I’m crying is deep inside my dreams
‘cuz people might say one thing but that doesn’t mean
it’s the truth

and I hate to seem uncaring, but the
only place it’s raining is over your parade
and the bubble that you’re living in
won’t protect you from your sins
any more than it protected me

but poor little fool, the joke is on you
‘cause you’re the only one left crying still standing in the room
and my heart might be breaking, and yours might be too
but at least I still remember how to breathe when my
heart is only beating ‘cause that’s what it used to do

Medusa don’t look in the mirror
‘cause all you’ll see is what you fear
and your own reflection will be the thing
haunting your every waking dream
and you’ll turn yourself to stone before the night is over

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