A Short Monologue

The moon was low that night.
I remember, it was the biggest I’d ever seen the damn thing. It was beautiful, but not in a traditional sense. A sad beauty, I guess is what you’d call it. Either way, it was nice to look at. Almost made me forget why we were out there in the first place.

Me and Todd, we drove up to the lake that night. It was the only place we could both agree on.

Your first is always the hardest. It’s the one that sticks with you most. They all stick with you, but it’s the first that always stands out.

Don’t think the kid had even seen so much as a dead dog before, much less butchered a man.
Were up to me, I’d’ve made the kid pull the trigger. But the Boss, he’s got a soft spot for kids. We tossed the limbs as far as we could, and they made that soft splashing
sound that I’d gotten too familiar with.

When we finished, Todd looked up at me with those doe-eyes of his and asked if that’s how all of us went out in this game.
I told him no.
Guess I have a soft spot too.

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