In from the Cold

It’s colder in the mountains than it is by the shore. That’s good. The cold sharpens your mind. The heat only quickens the blood.

Oh, your boyfriend invited you. But you knew he didn’t want you there.

And you knew why.

Your boyfriend was bringing Him. He of the big wide grin, almost dumb. Almost as if He didn’t know the effect it had. He of the long arms, that firm strength. You saw Him carry your boyfriend, cradled like a baby.

Does He know what that is doing to your relationship? Does He care?

And now they’re sailing together. He would have taken off his tight white shirt, shoulders all a-gleam from sunscreen lotion. His nipples would be big, but one would be dark red and the other would be light red. You’re sure of it.

Your boyfriend would be watching him with that Look. That desperate longing — jealous and wistful. He wants to be Him, you know it. He loves Him as a brother, as a father.

Knowing that, how can you tell him that you want nothing more than to fuck Him?

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