Unfortunate (Cliche Challenge)

She was beautiful; long legs, full breasts, plump and pouting lips, a body that begged to be kissed in each and every way. Samuel had met her wandering the park, and showed her all the things which made his world special.

He showed her the paintball arena, and the stoplight where he liked to rev the engine of his muscle car. They toured the back alley behind the movie theater, and the adult store where the cashiers knew his name.

After they went to Marker’s Point, where he had had some success in undressing her, by pouring a bit of warm beer down the front of her shirt and offering to clean it. He stared, mouth agape at her hard and perfect nipples, in absolute awe at finding what he had only dreamed of.

“You’re the purtiest girl in the world, Annabel.” he said, cupping her breasts and pressing in her nipples with his thumbs.
“But I’m not a girl,” she said, speaking for the first time, “I’m a doomsday device.”
“Ha!” laughed Samuel. “Then what am I?”
“You? You’re pushing my buttons.”


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