Men and Paper

When she was Victoria, she was sexy. The ink flowed from her pen onto the page smoothly as glass and dark as the imaginary nights she filled with passionate phrases. Tonight, thoughts of Gerome with his flawless pecs and skin like milk chocolate filled her mind.

She paused to twiddle the pen through her fingers, nibbling lightly on the end while she loosened the top button of her blouse. Her shoes had been kicked off the end of the bed and the laptop warmed the comforter.

Victoria entertained many pleasures on her sheets.. of paper. She loved to sketch and doodle the best parts of her characters in the margins: broad shoulders, firm buttocks, and even tender lips.

The eyes were the best. The smolder had to be just right. She gazed into Gerome’s dark irises, leaning toward the page as if drawn into their depths. It helped her imagine the scenes between her character and the forbidden business-man of her dreams. They were about to take coffee breaks to a whole new level.

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