Could Have Gone Better; Could Have Gone Worse

Poor Halstead spluttered and blinked as he hung upside down in the demon’s clutches. I couldn’t help but spare a thought for how many times I’d put the old goat’s life in peril like this. A more lengthy reflection on the nature and course of our friendship had to be put on hold as the demon lunged directly at me.

For the sake of honest narrative I must cast aside my pride as deftly and swiftly as the apparition cast Halstead into a shelf of books. Helpless and feeling smaller than I had since my youth I barely raised a paw as my betrothed pinned me violently to the flagstones. I could not look away, nor could I move.

The amalgamation of my once beloved and pure evil hissed over my forehead into my very eager ears, “Tempus circumflexum, amor adseritum…proditio!” For a moment I saw, or perhaps only wished I saw her face, pained and sorrowful.

The darkness returned snarling and gnashing shadowy teeth, only to retreat as suddenly as it had entered the room. Shaken but intact I strove to understand.

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