Passing Notes in Class

I got a note from a dead girl today.

I get a note from a dead girl every day, it seems like. They all seem to subscribe to that “unfinished business” crap from that movie with Christina Ricci and the weird little ghost kid. The problem is that their unfinished business is always finding out whether or not “this boy liked them,” or “if that jerk was cheating on me.”

And since ghosts have no idea how long they’ve been dead, it’s pretty friggin’ hard to find those answers sometimes. You ever tried to get a ninety year old man to remember if he had a crush on a girl he went to grade school with?

Actually that one was kind of cool. I brought the ghost chick with me and she took one look at his prune face and sprinted headfirst into the afterlife.

Unfortunately, he got a good look at her retreating form, and his heart decided to follow her.

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