Time Shuttle

The mission had a three stage objective: First, send a man forward in time. Second, observe his reaction. Third, bring him back with no residual effects.

The first stage was a launching success: Traveling at 17,544 miles per hour it took me a mere 4 hours and 25 minutes to orbit the earth 3 times! I had traveled 67 hours and 35 minutes into the future.

I radioed back the success of stage two: After just 5 minutes into my flight, I began to see the setting sun from 100 miles in the air! I had never seen a horizon where the sky was black; the sun such a brilliant white. Moments later, I was in pitch darkness; my night had begun. The light from the cities on earth flickered like fireflies and I saw a silvery glow of moonlight reflected in the clouds below me. The sunrise was a dazzling sight! Your 12 hour night had passed me by in only 45 minutes. I saw the sun rise and fall before most of you got out of bed. Twice more, and they safely brought me back to earth.

Stage three failed: I’ll never forget it.

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