Nothing fucking matters anymore. You? Me? Hell, no. This house, your wife, your kids? Fuck, no. They’re fucking dead, man, and I’ll tell you why: it’s the Zombots. Yeah, that’s right. Zombie robots. Shit my balls, right?

You wouldn’t fucking believe the shit I saw,man. Holy fucking shit, the fucking shit I’ve seen. I was there at The Fucking Battle of Zombietown, when the Zombots saturated our positions with Necro-missiles and then shambled directly up our walls with goddamn shitting zombie grappling hooks.

We thought zombies weren’t smart, until Zombie Heisenberg and Zombie Hawking got together and built our worst fucking enemy. Holy fucking shit, those guys and their zombie brains. Now it’s the fucking shitting cunting zombie apocalypse. You know what that means? That means it’s the end. There isn’t more than one goddamn apocalypse. No, they only do one of these. Do you know what the fucking plural of apocalypse is? No, you don’t because there isn’t fucking one.

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