En Passant

The battle had raged on for longer than either side had hoped. Dark forces had overtaken the holy and there were but a few righteous ones left. With his queen now captured, the pallid sovereign felt that all was lost and thus timorously, he barked his command:

“Forward you white pawn!”

The hesitant peasant slowly stepped off one pace turning sheepishly behind. She knew the black knight was near and that with a quick flick of the wrist, the broadsword of the dark one would slash her out of existence.

“Forward pawn!”

She stepped one more pace; holding her stand but failing to seize her beating heart. Frightened and uncovered, she felt alone; abandoned on the battlefield without even a dagger to draw.

She felt the snort of the black knight’s menacing mount on her face as it hovered at her side. With a pace still to turn, it would surely overcome her! The short-lived life she had been granted flashed before her uninspired, ashen eyes. It was over; her time had come.

The shadow absorbed her and she was gone.

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