Popularity Contest

“Welcome, Citizens, to another hour of Popularity Contest!”

Jessica groaned. Thankfully, no Representatives were around to hear it. The Prime Time hour of television had begun, limiting her choices to “Popularity Contest,” the Chairman’s news hour or that live action show about State Criminals. None of it was entertaining, though as days passed her notion of “entertained” became a more distant memory.

Tonight’s feature was about a Contestant from one of the Outer Provinces, who apparently had overcome Great Adversity to even be on the show. Something about a dead mother, raising her younger siblings… Jessica found it difficult to care. More like impossible to care.

Before Tonight’s Contestant had said the first word, Jessica knew what to expect. A surprise – a pleasant surprise at the Contestant’s polish despite a Less Than Desirable Upbringing. Because what good ever came from the provinces? Jessica thought she once knew, but couldn’t remember.

Nevertheless, it was a Good Day to be a Favored Citizen.

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