In Between Minds: Broken Clouds

My stomach twisted with sudden pain and I stumbled feeling sick. Almost at once the lady was beside me, lending me her arm.

“Take it easy. We’re in no rush.”

I shrugged off her help. With an angry huff, I chucked the remnants of the apple core as far as I could. It landed somewhere amidst some tall grass. The old woman clucked her tongue in dissatisfaction but didn’t say anything else. We walked on.

A house built out of dark wood seemed to rise before us, nestled in between trees that became a forest behind it. Compared to the other houses I’d seen it was tiny.

She commented as if I had spoken. “Don’t worry, it’s bigger than it looks. Size isn’t everything, you know. Take yourself for example.”

I stalked toward the house, eager for any reason to get away.

“Wait.” The word was a plea that verged on a command.

As I stopped the sun broke through the clouds. Closing my eyes, I lifted my face up, enjoying the warm caress of light on my skin- and for a moment, I felt like maybe everything would be alright.

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