A Choice (Superhero Black Hole, Pt. 22)

That is you, she speakthought, but only if you want it. I have half a mind to leave you to this fate after what you did to me. But I am willing to…forget.

What do you mean? Why are you doing this? Why me?

The screen went deathly white again. The scene this time was inside Fick’s. I saw myself telling off the Girl, complete with title cards; then I saw what happened when I revisited the Day of Swearing (confound that day!), went on a few dates with her, then broke it off.

I thought we could start again. We’d spent so many lifetimes together…after you got hurt and lost your memories, I figured it’d be like when first we met.

I’m not the one who slept with my brother, I retorted.

We hadn’t done it yet…at least, not this time around. I had needs.

And you expect me to be sympathetic to that and take you back on pain of death.

Very good.

What did I ever see in you?

You liked me for my personality.

I straightened up as best I could; to me, the choice was an easy one. Then let me die.

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