The Heat Wave with No End

It was hot outside. The kind of hot where refrigerator water feels like ice cubes sliding down to your stomach. So hot that you sometimes got a chill from your sweat drenching your skin. It had also been a crazy day. Cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping all had to be done that day. It was all the typical chores all the typical college kids held off on doing until they only had a slice of bread left in their fridge and a single pair of clean(?) socks left lying on their floors. I gathered my usual things on this once monthly voyage I took. Before heading out, I tapped my left leg thigh pocket for the reassuring sound of quarters. Satisfied, I grabbed my keys and left. Thats when it happened. They car wouldn’t start! Cursing, I called a repair company, who sent a locksmith to check the thing-a-majig where the key goes. Quick to arrive, he was funny, chatty, kind of handsome, and drove a red truck. He said I needed cash for the transaction so I jumped in his truck with his promise of an ATM destination…

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