You Twilight Up My Life

“Turn me, Edric!” I shouted at him. If he turns me, I can live forever with him,I thought.

“Never!” He replied. “Don’t you know that an endless life, eternally young, beautiful and super strong, comes with quite a high price indeed?! One that you are not ready to pay?!”

I gazed at him, breathless. He was so breathtakingly handsome and marvelously, indescribebly handsome. From his handsome nose to his handsome toes, he was like Mr. Darcy crossed with Hugh Jackman. And he had quite a huge jack, man, if you know what I’m getting at.

“How could I spoil your heart,” he breathed. “Your heart, which does the glorious double duty of holding all of your love for me, and all of your gorgeous, fragrant blood?”

He stalked off, breathing heavily. A vampire is what Edric was. Not like the horrible ones you read about or see in movies. He was handsome and shimmered in the sun like crystal. He didn’t drink human blood, only animal blood, which is ok.

“Belle,” He said. “For you, I will make you into a vampire.”

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