The Library

We all thought the marble tunnel concealed in the library of Hawk Manor led to the mountain cave from which Krully met his fate. But since its discovery and subsequent cleaning, those that needed it for sanctuary moved on, some arrested and some fleeing in bursts of magic.
Dust covered every shelf of Ficlets works and even the case and chains wrapping the Ficlinomicon.
Elshanor had just returned from her stint in the ‘Institution’, sadly finding tea and baked goods petrified on the table. She felt like Pip in Great Expectations, the shell of her home covered in cobwebs.
She disturbed the dust on the stairs as she made her way noisily to the Library. The great double doors creaked, announcing her presence to the waiting tomes. A gust of musty air like a huge sigh of relief wafted from the tomb of books.
Something shimmered in a corner. It was so out of place in the dulled gray colors that it was more visible now than when the library was clean. A portal. Through it, another library in an infinite house.

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