The Atheist Politician

Vanity Fair: We’re speaking with Senator Bryce Davis of New Mexico today about his bid for the White House in 2012.

Davis: I’m glad to be here, Paul

VF: To get right to the chase, you’re running for President next year.

Davis: Yes

VF: Do you believe in Dragons?

Davis: I don’t, Paul. In my twenties, I did a lot of reading. The Dragon Texts my parents taught me from childhood just weren’t ringing true, so I looked into it. There’s never been a Dragon sighting, or even proof of their existence. There’s conflicting information all throughout the texts. In fact, modern science seems to definitively refute the existence of dragons. The good thing is I don’t need dragons to be President.

VF: Senator, 84% of the American public believes in dragons. A recent pew poll says 60% of people won’t vote for you due to your anti-dragonism.

Davis: I’m counting on the intelligence of the American people to see past differences in superstitions and vote on the merits of my work, not my personal religious convictions.

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