Here be Dragons!

Norbert could hear rhythmic breathing coming from the cave. That’s good, right? It means she’s asleep. He crept closer, greed overcoming the fear in his muddy green eyes. The legends of Alistasia’s treasure had been told around hearth fires since before his grandsire was a boy. Few had attempted to gain it for themselves. Those that had never returned.

Norbert’s plan was simple. Sneak in, don’t wake her up, gather up as much gold and jewels as he could and then sneak out again. He would be a rich man before morning and never have to work a day in his life. He sidled up next to the cave mouth. It was bigger than it looked.

Norbert peeked around a large boulder. He could see it! The cache was there, the dragon’s tail curled protectively around the hoard. He could feel her hot, moist breath already. He took another step.

“Ahh, another tasty treat for me,” rumbled Alistasia.


“Who do you think started the rumors, boy? I need to eat sometimes,” she grinned before snapping him up.

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