Heroes of the Age: Power Play

The Warlord held out his hands, as if submitting to Maxi. Seeing this, the Red Knight took a step forward. Unbeknownst to Maxi, Ash had been planning on this single motion since he first laid eyes on the red warrior.

Bill saw the sign and whipped out two Desert Eagles, and flung them into the air. They landed expertly on the Warlord’s outstretched hands. He gripped them and aimed straight at RK’s face. Each gun fires two rounds.

Maxi’s hand went up like a flash. The bullets stopped in mid-air, and he unleashed a mighty cry, “THERE IS NO SPOON!!!”

“Well, that’s new…”

Whipping out the longsword at his hip, Maxi sprung into the air, and the Warlord followed with his barrels. But, Maxi wasn’t coming down on him. Instead, the sword plunged into the ground twenty yards from him. When the blade would sink no further, a great ring of fire rose up around the two men, cutting off Bill, raising the stakes. RK flung himself back to the other side of the circle.

“Your move.”

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