Hey Sunshine,what’s up? It’s me…remember? You look great for someone who’s comatose. Well anyway, I brought you something, a picture of us. Remember when we went to that photo booth and took all of those pictures? I’ll put it here so that you can see it… when you wake up.

I was thinking, after the accident…about how you had said you’re too young. You said that you were invincible. And you promised me that you wouldn’t die…not until I saw you become more amazing than you already were. I actually believed you. But somehow, I’m here and you’re…not.

You can’t give up on yourself not now, you can’t sleep forever…because I haven’t given up on you. And because your family needs you, your friends need you…I need you. You can’t just go and die on me, Sunshine. You promised me and I’m not going to let you break another promise… not this time. And you want to know why? It’s because you will wake up…because you are invincible.
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