Heroes of the Age: Time for a Close-up

Maxi’s left hand, clad in a beautiful gauntlet of a strange red metal, trimmed with gold, reached up and lightly gripped the ruby pommel of one of the twin swords on his back. The pommel was set in gold, at the end of a medium hilt, with a golden crossguard. Each sword was long and straight, not tapering to a point until two inches from the end. The blades were the same red metal as his armour, surrounded by an aura of magical energy.

His face was rugged and battle-hardened. A slit across his left eye distinguished him from all of the other crimson-clad warriors. His eyes were normally emerald, but now they merely reflected the fire that surrounded him.

His right pauldron was spiked and much larger than his flat left one. He had a red and gold scabbard at his hip, and a small hunting knife on his belt. On his left thigh was a smallish tanto, a japanese shortsword. While directing the Warlord’s eyes towards the sword, his right hand whipped out the holstered crossbow and fired a bolt, directly towards Ash.

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