Drunken Memories

Samuel had been thinking of HER, again. He always thought of Her when he drank his heaviest.

She had golden hair and laughing eyes. She was so spirited. Perhaps that’s why she’d left. Perhaps he was only a small pit stop on her journey of life. But he thought he knew better.

She left because she thought God told her to. She tried to get him to believe, and once he thought he did, but when she asked him to go with her on God’s errand, he just couldn’t. He didn’t see himself leaving the comfort of home for the unknown and preaching at people. People anywhere, from the next city, to the next country. Her calling she’d said. Well, it wasn’t his, he’d argued. The details of that argument came flooding back as he wiped a tear away and downed his pint.

She’d breezed out of his life. It was too easy for her. She’d left him behind to stew, to rot, without more than a swift goodbye and small peck on the cheek. The cheek! Not even a proper kiss.

He took another swig. SHE did this to him. She and her GOD.

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