Teleport This

Dear Diary,

What’s the point of being a teleporter if you teleport every thing you touch yet you can’t teleport yourself? I’ve tried a million times to get this under control with no luck. I’ve teleported my shirt or pants away while window-shopping at the mall so many times now that they let me keep a spare outfit in the security office. Thanks to me 10 people went missing from something as simple as a high five or handshake. The time I teleported my car it turned up on a street 50 miles away. I don’t have a clue how the police were able to trace it. One moment I was driving along and the next I was tumbling down the free way at 65 miles an hour. Whenever this happens I have absolutely no control over where the object turns up.

This power is a nightmare. Why do I have to have a power that I can’t control? The only time I have any control is when I do it on purpose. I can at least control where the object goes. Even with all the hard-work that went into getting that far hasn’t helped my problem.


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