In a small town in old Mexico lived an man and his burro, Don Diego, but the man called him “Dee-de” for short. The people of Pueblo Poco took pride in their little village. A beautiful cobblestone road woven among adorable adobe homes where terracotta planters lined the entrances.

One bright and sunny day the old man said: “Me and Dee-de will travel to the big city and there we will find a man to pave our street!" The old man didn’t like the cobblestone road, he’d often stumble and more then once, he fell. “We will be back in three days time!”

“Mister Sancho,” a squeaky voice said, “may I come too, please?” The orphan looked up at the old man with pleading puppy dog eyes.

“The journey will be lengthy; the perils great! – It would be better if you stay, little one.”

With a half-broken heart she said, “I could ride on Dee-de?”

They left as the town was awaking from the afternoon siesta. Silhouetted on the setting sun walked a man and his burro, seeking “asphalt” – and a little girl just wanting to belong.

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