It was her decision…yes it was and today also she takes a pride in it.Her hair is soiled and she sits by the side of a cloud…silent,still dreaming about yesterday.The time just flew like a butterfly,but it couldnot get freed from her fist…she could still read the luckline so clear!!

“ was so simple when I died last time,it’s gonna be a pain now it seems” she muttered to herself.There’s a different face she is wearing today…a face which read lots of untold dreams..and realities..and much more.She laughed and cried at the same time.The heaven is b’ful for sure,but it’s not necessary that everything there brings you happiness and piece of mind.

She too had a family,but now nobody owns it.Deep in my heart I felt sorry,but I was too small for all this then or maybe too immatured.Sigh!!

This is the story that all women share.If the lady dies,the family dies.Everything falls into pieces.She sacrifices all her life and when she dies,still she carries the load that how would my kids be.Love you Mom.

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