A Quick Heart to Heart

Everybody is crazy. No exceptions. Ever. On the upside most people have a manageable amount of crazy. That’s where friends come from. They’re the people where you see their craziness- their oddities, their bizarre habits, and tell yourself “I can stand that”. The truth of that statement will reveal itself over time. However, love is a completely different story. It’s not just being able to stand a certain amount of insanity but choosing to accept it totally, which is sort of a bullshit move, but it’s an important, symbolic, bullshit move.

In the past I’ve lost a few friends by telling them exactly how I think that they are crazy. Now I’ve learned to hold my tongue. For the most part it’s easier to endure a little bit of crazy that you know will come to an end, rather than start an argument that can’t be won and ultimately doesn’t matter.

Why am I telling you this?

So that when I get shot, you know the reason why.

Do I sound crazy?


That’ll give us common ground. Now let’s begin at the party.

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