Seated At the Right Hand of God

The last thing I remember is boiling air peeling away my skin.

Thick encrusted mucous seals my eyes. A breeze awakens every follicle, the sound of the sun hitting my skin heats my blood. I’m confined, covered in grit and dust, but feel a newness about me. I shiver.

Someone gently takes my hand and raises me up; I follow like a new-born. I’m lead into warm water and I suddenly recognize the language of prayers, chants and hymns. I’m lowered into disinfectant scented fluid, my skin refreshes and lashes untangle; I burst through the water and-

-I discover I’m one in a line of millions. I’m in a giant enclosed atrium, mammoth brilliant-white dirigibles light up a lilac sky. A nurse measures my vitality then cuffs on a wristband scrolling I.D. and info:

Jane Doe/Genocide/Theocratic Exchange/Re-Birth Date: 1.13.4011


Resurrection Human Services Dept.

Family Tree P.I.’s: Financing Available!

Reparation Litigation (Statute of Limitations Apply)

Look Your Age: You Owe it to Your Family!

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