I took a deep breath to steady my nerves and kicked in the door. The smell assaulted me instantly, as it always did. I shone the light on my rifle around the room. Though I was sure there was no one left, it was better to be safe than sorry.

Only a few months ago what I was doing racked me with guilt, but I soon got over myself. I needed to do what I had to to survive. I was low on some essential supplies.
Two people, probably a father and son, were decomposing on the couch. I went through to the kitchen and took anything of use, ignoring what had probably been a mom on the floor.

They had just stopped. One day, everyone just stopped.

I looked in the rooms upstairs and found one that had walls plastered with posters of iCarly and Miley Cyrus. What had been a young girl lay on the bed with a MP3 player in her ears. I took what I was listening to out of my ears and put it in my bag with all the other music players.

I hit play and ‘Baby’ started.

In a world of silence, Justin Bieber was better than nothing.

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