… the man in the white cloak
gave me the predestined telegram.
My pass port has expired,
but soon I’ll begin to fly again.

My necklace keeps the time,
and I’ll let you keep the memories.
If they get to be too much,
you should come reminisce with me.

We were drawn in RoseArt, so of course we’re gonna bleed a lot.
Callow lillies taste too tart and there’s surplus, so help me blot.

Wire me rollover breaths
Commit late words to silhouettes
Pessmistic conduit, communist turned hypocrite.
When the surgeon gets them through, I’ll know this change is permanent.

Schizophrenic thoughts
and a parapalegic heartbeat,
waltzing hand in hand in joy
so that the pair can be redeemed.

My duracells and ribosomes
stopped and left a thank you note
for the drained and vapid Earth,
for it’s a lengthy ride back home.

I was sketched in Prang, so they’ll mispronounce my favorite song.
If I hadn’t sold my brain to science, I would tell them off.

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