The New Blood (Superhero Black Hole - part 37)

Let’s get a few things straight about this new person in my narrative, so they can be remembered for future (and present, and past) reference:

1) She’s a she.

2) She’s not a complete and utter dickbag like the other woman we’ve had the (ahem) pleasure to meet thus far.

3) Just because she’s a girl, doesn’t mean that further down this story’s line we’re going to end up having a relationship of the romantic or…y’know…R-rated variety. (She made sure I made that clear from the outset. She’s real particular about that sort of thing.)

4) She also wanted me to clarify that she’s not a troll or anything like that; she’s a few months older than me, quite attractive, and wicked smart. (Almost too smart.) But the prospect of us being inextricably coupled uneased both of us at the mere thought of it. So, that’s that.

5) Her name is Zoe. She says hi.

6) When we met for the first time in 2039, at a computer cafe’ in New York, she said she came from the year 2001…

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