The Girl from Long Ago (Superhero Black Hole, part 39)

“Just when I’m beginning to get used to the idea that we’ve colonised the moon, some bitch murders her husband and causes all this ‘galactic homocide’ bullshit.”

Knowing what I know now, I’m surprised I didn’t immediately glean from those first words she said to me that she wasn’t of this time. But, y’know, us time-travellers are few and far between, and the likelihood of me meeting another one of us in some random compu-cafe’ in New York seemed…well…unlikely.

“Yeah, it’s mad,” I replied. “But it goes to show you can take the Earthling out of Earth, but not the Earth out of the Earthling.”

She laughed a little. “Spoken like a true E.T.”

“Well, I often feel alienated, and I often want to phone home…so yeah. I guess you’re right in that sentiment,” I said, half-jokingly.

She sat back in her chair, seriously pondering my words. Corny as it sounds, I sensed a sort of sadness about her. (Not that she’d want me to tell you that.)

“Hmm. Funny,” she said. “You just described the story of my life…”

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