Wishes and Apologies

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I can’t describe how much I wish fate had allowed our paths to cross. I wish I could have been there to stop you.

I wish I could have known you. I don’t know who you were; I don’t know what weighed down your heart so heavily. But I do know that if I had known you, if you would let me, I would have carried your burden with you.

I wish I could have told you that it gets better. Maybe I could have helped you. Maybe I could have saved you. If another day had passed that you waited, would you have found a meaning? Would you have found your strength and will? All the happiness and love and hope in this world, would you have seen it in yourself and all around you?

I know I am being naive. I know that maybe nothing would be different. But I wish I could have tried. I wish so many things, and yet nothing will change. Did you mean this for us, for those you knew and those you didn’t?

I’m sorry the world was hard on you. And there’s nothing I can do but apologize.

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