Zoe's Thirst for Exposition (Superhero Black Hole, part 48)

“How do we go about doing this?”

This was my question to her.
If she was expecting me to know all the answers in this matter, she was going to be sadly mistaken. (And – as she’s so heartily reminding me – she really really was.)

“Umm…well, hell’s bells, dude, I’m fucked if I know. To be honest, I’m still not entirely sure I understand you and her and how you got where you got and where she came from and all that shit.”

“For now, I’ll start with this: using this moment in time as a guiding marker thingy, she was born in the somewhat distant Future. I was born in the somewhat distant Past. Somehow, we crossed paths in Time, had a pretty heavy relationship, seperated on really bad terms, then I had some sort of accident – I still can’t remember what that was, and she never told me – and I forgot all of that happened, and started at square one: living day-to-day, doing normal stuff, not at all knowing I can do what I can do. Then I found out my power – again – and essentially repeated myself.”

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