Burning Time (Superhero Black Hole, part 53)

One hundred and twenty-three years.

To you – presumably a regular human – that must sound like a swift punch to the abdomen.
Hell, even I admit that before I discovered my power, that length of time would seem absolutely ridiculous to me; I mean, at that pre-discovery/post-accident time, the longest I could ever wait for anything was for my broadband connection to speed up enough for me to watch a video of a cat playing the harmonica while jumping on a trampoline, or whatever.

But I’m getting beside the point. [Yes, Zoe, I just told our readers that; now SSH! ]

However, to me and Zoe (and probably Letrodacta, too), 123 years goes by surprisingly fast.

I don’t know why, but it’s almost as if our bodies have a motabalism for processing Time, and because of our power, our Time-balism burns up Time calories much faster than normal.

Or something.

Anywho, dear reader: the next century-and-a-bit practically flew by.

But that’s not to say stuff didn’t happen to us during this waiting period…

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