New Leases (Superhero Black Hole, Pt. 65)

In apartment 2B there lived a young man pursuing some sort of law degree; he financed this pursuit by pushing amphetamines and new identities. Having won the lottery the week before the big jackpot (in the grand scheme of things, a couple million wouldn’t have made much of a difference for our purposes), we paid him off to craft for us new personas and to move us to a new location, somewhere off the New York grid. He delivered very handsomely: New names, new cars, a new pad in L.A. He even arranged to make it seem like we’d disappeared, filing a missing persons report on us several days afterward.

This was all to confound the future agents, of course; they’d managed to find us at a specific time, and our new actions evidenced that they’d been unable to locate us earlier. We greatly despised this massive inconvenience, but as the great Stan Lee once observed: “With great power there must also come great responsibility”.

We expected a few days of an uneventful cross-country road trip. They were anything but.

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